Skin Support Personal Evaluation.

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Skin Support Personal Evaluation.


Welcome to the Skin Support Personal Evaluation. This short questionnaire will ask you a range of questions about yourself, your emotional well-being and your quality of life. Once you have completed the questionnaire we will provide you with the results of your assessment as well as potentially useful information and self-help materials, tailored to your questionnaire responses. Please click ‘Start’ to begin.

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The Skin Support questionnaire includes elements of the DLQI and PHQ-4 scales for measuring quality of life, depression and anxiety in skin disease patients. It intended to make it easier for users of this site to access relevant materials, based on their responses. It is not intended to provide any sort of diagnosis or medical advice. The materials and web links provided in response to completing the questionnaire may not be sufficient to meet the user’s medical requirements. The information contained within this site or linked to from this site is not a substitute for the diagnosis and care provided by a qualified medical practitioner, to whom any concerns about the user’s health and well-being should be directed.​ It should also be noted that the BAD do not have control over the content of third party websites.

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