Our self-help materials 

A lot of the self-help materials on this website are designed for general use. There are over 2,000 skin conditions and so it is not possible to tailor self-help materials for vast majority of them. That said, the psychological impact of skin disease often manifests itself in similar ways, meaning that general self-help materials covering a wide range of topics such as social anxiety, mindfulness, and sleep issues, can still be useful to a wide range of people.

That said, we have been lucky enough to be able to develop, or borrow, more specific self-help materials that cover individual conditions. It is our aim to develop more of these condition specific self-help materials over time.

Although these self-help materials are disease specific, they can also be helpful to people with other conditions, so don’t be put off if you think they might cover an issue that you’ve been having with your own condition.

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